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we work hand in hand with farmers who practice organic practices and ensure that you have access to produce that nourishes you at the cellular level with no exposure to pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Just good clean food how nature intended it to be at an affordable price


we have a commitment to source our food within 100 mile radius, supporting local farmers and providing the freshest produce that tastes as good as it looks and has not travelled across oceans to your plate. Locally sourced food tastes better, is more nutrient dense and is good for the planet.


Sustainable agriculture involves food production methods that are healthy, do not harm the environment, respect workers, are humane to animals, provide fair wages to farmers, and support farming communities. Sustainability includes buying food as locally as possible.

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About us

Get to know the people behind the process and what they stand for

Kobi's Kitchen (run by it's founder Kobi and her micro family) is a health and wellness site suited to empower people to make the right food choices and learn tips on how to thrive on a plant based diet and adopt more sustainable lifestyle practices. It was only a natural progression to be of service to their community by empowering local farmers who fight hard against the food system to continue to grow ethical food for our families. Our Co-op is owned by it's members and we count on their valued participation to empower our local community with the ability to make their own food choices. Healthy food should be accessible to everyone and our mission is to see this vision come true one doorstep at a time.

Meet your farmers


/ Farmer /

Justin has been part of Texas Daily Harvest since 2012. Justin is the produce manager, and he obviously loves what he does.


/ Farmer /

Jessica has been part of Texas Daily Harvest since 2012. Jessica helps out when she can, she also provides birth doula services across East Texas.

Eden's Organic Garden

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Eden's Organic Garden Center was conceived out of my passion to share the beauty of nature, the simplicity of organic gardening and the hope of helping create a safer place in which families and individuals could enjoy their little piece of paradise at home, or wherever their paradise was found.

Good Earth Organics

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We are a local family farm serving the Dallas Metro area and Northeast Texas since 1984. Our farm has been maintained organically for 29 years and certified organic for 11 years.

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