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Welcome to our website. Here you will find a chok full of useful information about living and thriving on a holistic lifestyle. Take a minute to look through our blog which features DIY projects, healthy living tips and recipes. Be sure to check out our Programs and if you live in North Texas, our co-op is a great way to get involved! We love having you here! Lot’s of juicy hugs.

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It all began with a small change, which led a a big change, which led to an amazing experience. Kobi is as passionate about healthy living as her son is about his green truck. Her journey began after watching the documentaries “food inc” and “food matters”. It was no longer an option to sit back and continue to eat and feed her family the highly processed foods that sparkle on our grocery shelves promising bursts of energy, fat free empty calories and 101 reasons why laboratory grown food is good for ya!

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